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Consulting Arborist

Honest, objective and accurate Information.  Its almost impossible to make good decisions without it. When you’re dealing with trees, bad information can cost a lot more than just money. It can cost a life.  If you’re concerned about the health or condition of a tree, you need unbiased and accurate assessment and reporting.  Total Tree Care Consulting clients regularly save thousands of dollars by simply not following the alarmist or unscrupulous advise of non-experts. If you have a significant tree problem, you need to know its cause, it’s solution and it’s ability to be reasonably corrected before you can accurately decide what to do about it.

l_asca_logoTodd Stephenson is a ISA Certified Arborist and has been an active arbor consultant for the last fifteen years. He is known for his straightforward and honest approach to accurately assessing, evaluating and appraising the value of trees. He speaks English, not Latin. The second you retain his consulting services, he abandons the sales of tree work and steps into your corner as your expert. He doesn’t presume to make your decisions, he transparently advises you of the facts. All of them, good and bad, so that you can apply them effectively to your unique situation.  Trust Total Tree Care & Appraisal anytime you want Professional Tree Health Consultation, Hazardous Condition Evaluation, Care/Maintenance Assessment or Value Appraisal Documentation.